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The Rope Loft is a restaurant offering "relaxed seaside dining" in Haven, Maine.


In The New Girl, Josh and Katie were having breakfast together when a posessed Josh begin acting weird and locks himself inside The Rope Loft's freezer. Haven PD soon arrive on scene, later followed by Vince, Duke, Nathan, and Audrey, who is pretending to be Lexie DeWitt in order to prevent The Guard from killing Nathan. While Duke, Nathan and Vince argue about the plan Duke made with The Guard about Lexie killing Nathan once she falls in love with him, Nathan and Duke enter the resturant after they heard Audrey scream. Josh soon kills himself by cutting his throat.

In Chemistry, Dwight visits his friend McHugh, who is working at the bar there.



The Rope Loft is a "dockside restaurant & pub" located at 36 Water Street in Chester, Nova Scotia (1).