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The Trial of Nathan Wuornos
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Season 5
Episode 16
Premiere date October 15, 2015
Written by Speed Weed
Directed by Rick Bota
Previous episode Power
Next episode Enter Sandman
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"The Trial of Nathan Wuornos" is the 68th episode of Haven and the sixteenth episode of season 5.


When Nathan is put on trial, Dwight and Charlotte must clear his name. The Teagues moderate the trial. Audrey tries to solve the trouble.


The people of Haven think Kira's electricity troubles were their only hope against the Darkness. They want a trial. It turns out Kira's not dead at all, but pinned down below with the aether. It must remain a secret in the event those same people think finding the aether means a cure for the Troubles.

Dwight asks that the group comes up with a new justice system. He asks Kira's guy to work with Vince and Dave for his input into the trial. He calms the people.

Duke is out there with Hayley, who only wants to reenact her Trouble.

Kira's fiance, Tony, wants Nathan's penalty to be death, not banishment. Nathan wants the trial to continue while Dwight finds Kira and Audrey finds a way to stop the Darkness.

Duke tells Hayley how her mom died. If she doesn't focus and she rematerializes too soon, she'll become part of the object through which she's moving. She's already done it. Part of her boot is in there.

Tony is out for blood.

Five idiots are throwing random guys into a dark room to see if the Darkness is their Trouble. They're holding a deaf man who has a fear Trouble. He lets it out. After the mess is cleaned up, she might need him again.

Hayley wants to rob a bank.

Audrey wants to save Nathan. Nathan wants to defend himself and all that he has become. Meanwhile, Kira told Nathan she no longer wanted to marry Tony, so he doesn't have a right to prosecute on her behalf anyway.

Dwight and Charlotte find the shaft. All they have left is a glow stick.

Audrey asks for the deaf man's help finding a bearded man with a yellow bandana. Tony ambles by with a yellow banana in his pocket. His photo shows a beard. He shaved two days ago.

Nathan goes before the people to talk about himself and the Troubles. He doesn't even have to, given what Audrey has discovered about Tony. Audrey starts to rescue people from the every encroaching darkness while Nathan continues talking. Light up the dark with hope. No matter how dark things seem, hope and love come out from the darkest places.

Charlotte and Dwight say goodbye to each other and darkness overtakes everybody. They're still alive. The darkness recedes. Tony has conquered his Trouble. Charlotte and Dwight discover Kira and prepare to free her. To top it off, there is enough of the "swirly black stuff" that Charlotte can end the troubles.

Hayley robs the bank, gets shot and Duke absorbs her blood.

Vince is just ready to read the verdict when Dwight and Charlotte return with Kira.

Duke is doing the evil slow walk to catch up to Hayley. He winds up locked inside of a tractor trailer.

Back at the school, it's a happy ending. Dwight offers to help Charlotte find a cure with the aether. But she'll need a being from her neck of the woods to help. Audrey. They'll all need Audrey now more than ever. Just as she says that, Audrey discovers Grayson sitting quietly. He's unresponsive. The Sandman. He touches Audrey and she falls to the floor.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Marcus Simmons as Security Guard
  • Nicholas McInnis as Bearded Man
  • Jennifer Morris as Peggy
  • Ian Alden as Faber Haskins


  • Audrey: Sandman. [He appears from behind and touches her shoulder, causing Audrey to fall into stasis.]
    The Sandman: I hate that name.

Featured Music[]

  • "All You Left Behind" by Correatown