The Trial of Nathan Wuornos
Haven 516
Season 5
Episode 16
Premiere date October 15, 2015
Written by Speed Weed
Directed by Rick Bota
Previous episode Power
Next episode Enter Sandman
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"The Trial of Nathan Wuornos" is the 68th episode of Haven and the sixteenth episode of season 5.

Synopsis Edit

When Nathan is put on trial, Dwight and Charlotte must clear his name. The Teagues moderate the trial. Audrey tries to solve the trouble.

Plot Edit

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Starring Edit

Cast Edit

  • Marcus Simmons as Security Guard
  • Nicholas McInnis as Bearded Man
  • Jennifer Morris as Peggy
  • Ian Alden as Faber Haskins

Quotes Edit

  • Audrey: Sandman. [He appears from behind and touches her shoulder, causing Audrey to fall into stasis.]
    The Sandman: I hate that name.

Featured Music Edit

  • "All You Left Behind" by Correatown

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