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This article is list of the Troubled. For the article explaining this concept, see Troubles.

The Troubled, also referred to as The Cursed and The Afflicted, are people who exhibit supernatural, paranormal, and metaphysical abilities that tend to run in family bloodlines. This page is a part of our index of Tropes and as such, it regularly links to TVTropes.com.

Types of Troubles[]

There are 6 main types of Troubles:

  • Manipulation - possess the ability to manipulate the world around them through supernatural means
  • Manifestation - a subtrope of manipulation, involving some sort of Spontaneous Generation
  • Biological - a subtrope of manipulation, when the manipulation physically affects their own body giving abilities related to their own physical bodies
  • Time travel - a subtrope of manipulation, when time itself is manipulated
  • Psychometric - Troubles affecting psychological or mental states
  • Creature - Troubles that create creatures. May be manifestation, biological or psychometric

List of the Troubled[]

This is a full list of the Troubled, sortable by episode, name, Trouble type, Trope type and more. Please add new Troubles in by episode of first appearance.