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A Thinny is a weak spot in reality, where the fabric of the worlds has been worn thin. The Void can be reached through them. Charlotte sealed all the Thinnys so Mara wouldn't be able to go through.

In Haven: In The Beginning it reveals how Mara and William come from the Other World to look for the "Thinny".


Thinnies have the appearance of large blobs of mercury, and emit a warbling sound similar to a musical saw that can set a person's teeth on edge and/or hypnotize a person. Besides the insanity-inducing buzzing and warbling sound, the thinny plays on a person's thoughts; telling them what they want to hear and promising a fine outcome, though death is ultimately more likely. Transportation into other universes is possible by simply walking into a thinny, but this is a rare outcome.

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

The first thinny was opened in The Lighthouse by Jennifer Mason using Unstake My Heart book to do so.

In See No Evil, Mara looks for Thinnys across Haven in order to find William and discover where he hid the Aether. In New World Order, Charlotte reveals that thinnys can only be opened by using her ring.

In Haven[]

There are about 5 locations of known thinnys in Haven. The first one is located at a coffee house in the back room. The second is at the lighthouse they shoved William back into, but that one collapsed on itself. The third thinny is in the forest and the fourth is at a beach located near a rock that is covered with the tide.

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A newly discovered opened thinny was found at an address written in Dave's adoption papers. Nathan and Audrey learn that a temporary thinny had been opened in 1983 by a woman, Barbara Colton, using a ring. In Close to Home, Hailie Colton opens a temporary thinny for Nathan to go into The Void.

When Hailie dies, Duke uses her ability to open a thinny to allow Nathan to come back to Haven.



A reference to Stephen King 's Dark Tower Works.