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Around 2007/2008, the Troubles returned, as part of the 27 year cycle. In June 2010, Mara returned to Haven, this time as Audrey Parker.

Events from before Audrey Parker's arrival in Haven[]

  • ca. 2006-08 - Julia Carr did a summer rotation in the HPD M.E. office.[source 1]
  • 2006 - Dave tells Vince he quit smoking[2]
  • 2007 - Jeanine was at her best friend's wedding, and when the cake was cut, her jealousy triggered her Trouble, turning all food she put into her mouth into cake.[3]
  • ca. 2007 - The sound system at the Cinematheque breaks.[4]
  • 2007-08 - Evidence Ryan leaves Duke Crocker
  • 2007-08 - When the Troubles returned, Duke Crocker returned to Haven to fulfil the promise he'd made to his father, Simon.[5]
  • 2007-08 - When he got back to town, Duke took Nathan Wuornos fishing, saying that he wanted to be friends again. In truth, he was using Wuornos, hoping that he'd provide cover if he ran into problems with the Coast Guard. When Wuornos found out, the two got into an enormous fight, "beat[ing] on each other for an hour". The fight triggered Nathan's Trouble.[5]
  • 2008 - Chief Garland Wuornos shoots a moose when hunting in Aroostook.[6]
  • Saturday, February 27th 2010 - Upon being told of his wife's affair, Arlo McMartin suffered a massive coronary and died. Two days later he was interred at Eastside Cemetery.[5]

After Audrey Parker's arrival[]

The dates in many episodes lay out a timeline for the first three seasons that lasts over a year. But in interviews and later episodes, it has been confirmed that the first three seasons last less than six month. Because of this, events from 2010 on cannot be organized by the dates provided, as this would put events out of the order they happened in. Events past this point are ordered by episode.

  • "Welcome to Haven" - June 9 - 12[10]
  • Wednesday, June 9th - Jonas Lester kills a prison guard and escapes federal detention; he returns to his hometown of Haven, Maine. That night Lester is thrown from Tuwiuwok Bluff by Marion Caldwell's Trouble after he threatens Conrad Brauer.
  • Thursday, June 10th - Audrey Parker is dispatched to Haven to catch Lester. She meets HPD Chief Garland Wuornos, ME Eleanor Carr, Vince and Dave Teagues and works the Lester case with Nathan Wuornos. That evening, Caldwell's Trouble causes her to be thrown into the ocean.
  • Friday, June 11th[source 3] - Parker awakens to find herself naked, in an unknown bed on the Cape Rouge. When she fell into the water the previous evening, Duke Crocker rescued her, placed her in bed, laundered her wet clothes, and got her a replacement cell phone. Parker confronts Conrad Brauer about his alibi, and arrests him after he confesses to killing Lester. Ted Ford convinces Caldwell to give him access to her bank account so that he can put down a deposit on a storefront in San Diego. The Teagues brothers stop in to see her at the HPD, bringing with them a xerox of an old story in the Haven Herald titled: "Who Killed the Colorado Kid?". In the picture that accompanies the article, is a mysterious woman who looks exactly like Parker.[11] With their help, Parker figures out that the strange weather that has been happening is caused by Caldwell. Wuornos discovers that Lester and Ford were working together and they help Caldwell with her Trouble and arrest Ford.
  • Saturday, June 12th - Brauer is released from jail and Parker drives him down to the beach to meet Caldwell. Parker brings Wuornos flowers and they discuss the case, the Colorado Kid photo and family. Later that day, she calls Agent Howard and asks for some time off. She plans to stay in Haven for a while and look into the mysterious woman. Abigail Banks, Gemma Green, Hank and Jennifer Mason all celebrated their 29th birthdays.[12]
  • "Butterfly" - one week after the events of "Welcome to Haven"[8]
  • Parker and Wuornos investigate the destruction of the Rust Bucket by a sculpture that, by all accounts was too heavy to move. They go to The Good Shepherd Church, where the statue was from and interview Reverend Driscoll. That night Parker is attacked by butterflies, who wrap her up in a cocoon made of her blanket.[source 4]
  • one day later - Parker and Wuornos figure out that the recent incidents have been caused by Bobby Mueller's Trouble, which is making his nightmares come to life. When his Trouble attacks them while they are on the road, Parker is able to talk him through his Trouble, giving him control over the outcome.[source 4]
  • one day later - Parker and Wuornos help Mueller and his adopted mother Hannah move out of the Driscoll house.[source 4]
  • Parker visits the Haven Farmers' Market, where food starts suddenly rotting. Wuonors and Parker investigate and discover that several local farmers have had produce suddenly rot without warning. The Trouble even attacks the cows who's milk is used in Big Benjy's Ice Cream.
  • Sunday/Monday[source 5] - Beatrice Mitchell runs into her ex-husband, who now has a daughter. She spends the next four days locked in her room, unable to get out of bed until she turns into Helena.
  • Friday - Helena meets Phil Reiser at The Grey Gull and they have sex[inconsistent 2]
  • Saturday - Resier starts getting ill
  • Sunday - Benny is born and Resier dies when Beatty first holds her son. James Wardell puts his body onto a stolen a boat
  • Abby arrives from Nebraska
  • Friday - Resier's body is discovered by Parker and Wuornos / Parker goes to The Grey Gull's grand re-opening party and makes plans with Crocker for the following Friday / Joe Campbell and Helena have sex
  • Sunday - Beatty's second baby boy is born, in distress and put until a warmer
  • Monday - Beatty holds her son and Campbell dies
  • Parker and Wuornos visit Funk Parlor Tattoo
  • Friday - Parker and Wuornos stake out a bait shop in Camden, Maine / Parker cancels her date with Duke / Duke has sex with Helena
  • Saturday - Duke starts aging
  • Sunday - Beatty gives birth to a girl, Jean, who is put up for adoption
  • Parker tells Duke about his daughter.[note 3]
  • "The Hand You're Dealt"[1]
  • "Spiral"[21]/"A Tale of Two Audreys"[22]
  • "Fear & Loathing[23]
  • "Love Machine"[13]
  • "Sparks and Recreation"[24]
  • "Roots"[25]
  • "Audrey Parker's Day Off"[26]
  • "The Tides That Bind"[27]
  • "Friend or Faux"[28]
  • "Lockdown"[29]
  • "Who, What, Where, Wendigo?"[30]
  • "Business As Usual"[31] -- August 2011[source 7]
  • "Sins of the Fathers"[5]
  • "Silent Night"[4]/"301"[9]
  • "Stay"[32]
  • "The Farmer"[33]
  • "Over My Head"[34]
  • "Double Jeopardy"[35]
  • Sunday, October 31st - "Real Estate"[36]
  • "Magic Hour: Part 1"[37]/"Magic Hour: Part 2"[38]
  • "Sarah"[39]
  • "Burned"[40]
  • "Last Goodbyes"[41]
  • "Reunion"[3]
  • "Thanks For The Memories[42]/"Fallout"[43]
  • "Survivors"[44]
  • "Bad Blood"[45]
  • "Lost and Found"[46]/"The New Girl"[47]
  • "Countdown"[48]
  • "Lay Me Down"[49]
  • "William"[50]
  • "The Trouble With Troubles"[51]
  • "Shot in the Dark"[12]

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[inconsistent 3]

  1. "Harmony" was the first appearance of Dr. Lucassi
  2. The events of "Ball and Chain" take place over the course of over three weeks. The events before the discovery of Phil Reiser's body may overlap with the events of previous episodes.
  3. Enough time has passed that Abby has found a good family for Jean in Nebraska.
  4. Eleanor Carr says that humor is the only way to get through a winter in Maine.[17]


  1. In "301"[9], Parker tells the skinwalker, who's pretending to be Roslyn Toomey, that the only memories she has that are hers are from the last 6 months. Either Parker spent a couple months outside of the Barn before getting to Haven, perhaps taking on cases of Troubles else, like the Miami investigation, or this is a continuity error.
  2. In "Consumed", Bill McShaw sold Duke Second Chance Bistro, which he's turned into The Grey Gull. According to James Wardell, Phil Resier meets Helena at The Grey Gull a week before the grand re-opening. This could imply a soft opening, or this may be a continuity error.
  3. According to Brian Millikin, the events of Seasons 1-3 took place entirely in 2010.


  1. In "The Hand You're Dealt"[1], Julia says that she did a summer rotation in the M.E.'s office "a few years ago".
  2. In "Fur"[6], Parker tells a despondent Landon that if his son didn't notice a difference in the six months he'd been stuffed, then that was proof that he wasn't any different, any less real.
  3. Ted Ford drains Marion Caldwell's bank account on the 11th according to this wire transfer.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 The events of "Butterfly"[8] take place over three days. On the second day, Parker says that she's only been in Haven for a week.
  5. When in labor with Jean, Beatrice tells Parker that she ran into her husband "a few weeks" earlier and stayed in her bed for four days, until Helena emerged. Phil Reiser was Helena's first victim, so this takes place the week immediately prior to Helena's first emergence. If she's counting full days, then she bumped into her ex-husband on Sunday. It she's counting the day, as Helena appears Friday nights, then she bumped into her ex-husband on Monday.
  6. Parker mentions that it's Saturday in the beginning of "As You Were". Her HPD ID card has her birthdate listed as 12/7/81.[20] December 7th 2010 fell on a Tuesday, suggesting that Parker's friends threw her a birthday party a few days before or after her birthday.
  7. The autopsy report for Reggie Buswell is dated August 19, 2011.