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From approximately 1981-1983, the Troubles returned, as part of the 27 year cycle. When Mara returned to Haven this time, she came as Lucy Ripley. During her stay in Haven, Ripley worked with Garland Wuornos, an HPD rookie. She also worked with James Cogan, the son she had given birth to during her time as Sarah Vernon.



  • Sometime after this ballgame, Vince activates Simon Crocker's Trouble with his own blood, and asks him to kill his father-in-law to end his wife's Trouble.[2]


It's unknown when in 1983, Lucy Ripley arrives in Haven, but if she had as much time as Sarah did, she likely arrived in January or early February. Shortly after she arrived, Vince and Dave Teagues attempted to turn her back into Sarah Vernon.[8]

  • February - Nathan Wuornos's Trouble is triggered when he crashes his sled into a tree. Lisa Botkee threw-up upon seeing the bones sticking out of his arm.[9] Duke Crocker carries him to the hospital and then returns to sledding.[10]
  • James Cogan marries a woman named Arla.[11]
  • Spring - Duke and his friends tell Nathan that Carla Rose has a crush on him. They "congratulate" him, slapping him on the back, and surreptitiously sticking tacks into him. Sixteen tacks. Carla Rose screamed when she saw him, because he was covered in blood, and Nathan didn't speak to another girl for two years.[note 2]
  • Penny Driscoll leaves her husband Reverend Ed Driscoll. Three days later, she fakes her death, in order to stop her husband from continuing to look for her.[9][13]
  • Penny marries Cole Glendower, and takes the name "Gwen Glendower". Ripley and Dave Teagues were present at the wedding.[13]
  • April/May - Simon Crocker has a chance to kill Jenny Meers' grandfather, but passes. A week later, Mrs. Holloway's 3rd grade class goes camping and Jenny's Trouble is triggered causing the deaths of twelve of her classmates and two chaperones. Simon Crocker kills Jenny's grandfather the next day.[inconsistent 2]
  • James and Arla Cogan come to Haven, looking for Sarah.[15][note 3]
  • Tuesday, May 3rd - James Cogan is last seen before he is reported missing - in Colorado.[source 2]
  • Thursday, May 12th - Article in the Herald about the dying Vaughn Carpenter: "Noted Family's Last Heir Receives Final Rites".[17]
  • A chameleon replaces Vaughn Carpenter.[18]
  • Sunday, May 15th - Haven Herald article: "Carpenter Scion Makes Miraculous Recovery, Doctors at a Loss for Explanation".[19]
  • James and Lucy investigate the Holloway House, finding the bodies of Mrs. Holloway and her two young daughters. Lucy refuses to assist Roland Holloway.[note 4][16]
  • Saturday, May 21th[source 3] - Simon Crocker, aged 34, dies at the hands of Ripley and his old friend Vince Teagues.[2]
  • Sunday, May 22nd[20] - James Cogan is killed by persons or persons unknown. Haven residents suffer a memory wipe, unable to remember the events of that day or even James Cogan's name.[21][note 5] Ripley tells Arla that she's bringing James' body to The Barn and that she'll bring Arla with her when the time comes.[15]
  • Monday, May 23rd - Arla Cogan's Trouble activates, and she kills a young woman for her skin. Official records show that Arla committed suicide after the death of her husband.[11]
  • The Colorado Kid is buried in plot 301, with Vince Teagues present. Ripley manages to spirit his body away to the Barn and fill his coffin with bricks, leaving a note to herself on the bottom of his coffin: "Find him before the Hunter". Ripley then leaves town.[22][inconsistent 3]
  • Saturday, May 28th - Haven Herald headline reads "Who Killed the Colorado Kid?"[20][inconsistent 4]
  • While on the run, Ripley visits the real Lucy Ripley and convinces her that she shares her memories (continuity error - the real Ripley says Simon Crocker visited her months after Lucy, but he has been killed by Lucy and Vince already).[23]
  • Summer - The Herald ran a story titled "Missing Woman's Body Discovered"[24] concerning the discovery of a woman who had gone missing on May 23rd, the day after the Colorado Kid's death. This confirms Arla's story about her Trouble being triggered by James's death.[15]
  • Summer - Seth Byrne was playing on the beach with another child when a man appeared from the water, grabbed the child Byrne was playing with, and re-entered the water, disappearing. Bryne never saw either again. This incident drove him to create the Darkside Seekers as an adult, to travel the country looking for the paranormal.[3]
  • A few months after the two Lucys meet, someone calling himself Simon Crocker visits the real Lucy Ripley, trying to get information from her.[23][note 6]
  • Oct 19-21 - Ripley disappears on the night of "the Hunter" meteor storm, entering the Barn.[inconsistent 5]
  • Thursday, October 22nd - Haven Herald runs an article "Local Woman Gone Missing" with a picture of Lucy.[25][inconsistent 4]
  • Arla Cogan goes to The Guard and asked them to bring the Barn back.[26]

Undated events[]

  • Howard Sperry sold Ripley "daisies, snapdragons and orchids".[27]
  • Garland Wuornos returns from Vietnam and becomes a police officer.[inconsistent 6]
  • A chameleon kills six people. Garland Wuornos, a rookie, kills the chameleon when it took on the form of his partner.[18]
  • Richard Brody leaves his wife, and the mother of his son Chris, to marry Felicia.[29]
  • Wesley Toomey's father is "abducted by aliens."[22]
  • Harry Nix's family "disappears". He is 21 years old at the time.[30][note 7]
  • Noelle's resurrection Trouble is triggered when her mother dies of cancer. Some time later, Noelle, her older sister Moira and their father were in a car accident. Noelle, the only survivor, used her Trouble to bring her sister back to life.[31]


  1. June 12th 1981 was the release date of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The writers appear to have chosen the date for this purpose as Nick Parker, the writer of "Shot In The Dark", the episode where this date is provided, pointed this out on twitter.[4][3]
  2. In "Resurfacing",[12] Duke says that this incident happened 25 years earlier. He's likely simply being vague. By this point, Nathan and Duke are 8 years old, indicating that between the February sledding incident and now, they have both had birthdays.
  3. According to James, when he arrived in Haven and found Lucy, she had just discovered that she was leaving soon and she was trying to figure out how to stop the Hunter and the Barn from taking her. This means that Lucy knew she had to leave a little more than five months before the Hunter came, a far cry from Audrey's 47 days. Audrey spent less time in Haven then either Lucy or Sarah and unlike Lucy she remembered very little of her past. Lucy's attempt to avoid going into the Barn and end the Troubles permanently may have changed the cycle, causing the Barn to give Audrey less time and keep her from remembering.
  4. No specific date is given for this, but it must take place after the 3rd grade class trip, when Mrs. Holloway was alive, and before May 22nd when James died.
  5. This might be an after-effect of the memory wipe or this might be because no one who is alive 27 years later and willing to talk about the days events ever learned his name. Cogan was in town for only a little over two weeks before he was killed at Edgewater Beach — not a lot of time for him to meet people. Small-town gossip probably meant that the town was aware of his presence, but his name could have easily been spread around as "a guy from Colorado" or even "the Colorado Kid" before his death.
  6. This likely takes place before Lucy disappears into the Barn, as everyone who was looking for Lucy was trying to force her into the Barn. Whoever this man was, he was not Simon Crocker. Lucy and Vince had already killed Crocker by this point.
  7. There is no date for this, but this must be near the time of the Hunter. Nix's Trouble causes his organs to deteriorate, and without organs to replace his, he'd died. His Trouble is active long enough for him to kill off his family, but not long enough for him to perish himself.


  1. Haven Parker's HPD ID card has her birthdate listed as 12/7/81.[5] Haven Parker celebrated her birthday before finding out that she had someone else's memories.[6] She also quit the FBI and joined the HPD before finding this out,[7] suggesting that Haven Parker's ID card has the real Audrey Parker's birthday. However, the HPD ID card does not show up in the credits until Season 3, which is well after she met her memory doppleganger. The practical implications of having two women with the same memories and identity is unknown. Haven Parker may have had to get new paperwork (birthdate, SSN, etc) upon discovering that she had another woman's memories, in order to keep the FBI from finding out she was still in Haven.
  2. In "Sins of the Fathers"[14] Simon Crocker said that this happened "26 years ago, last May." This would put this event in 1984. But by 1984, Simon Crocker was dead, Mrs. Holloway was dead and the Troubles had ended.
  3. These dates are inconsistent. According to Eleanor Carr, the Colorado Kid was autopsied.[21] According to Vince, he was present for the burial. But Ripley somehow moves James' body to the Barn, left a note for herself in his coffin and left town. According to Gwen Glendower, Ripley disappeared only a few days after the Colorado Kid murder.[13]
  4. 4.0 4.1 The paper says it was released on "Thursday" but the date provided is a Saturday. Multiple issues of the Herald have this inconsistency.
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  6. The Vietnam War actually ended in 1975. Show creators Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn called this an "oops".[28]


  1. In "Welcome to Haven",[1] Nathan says he's known Duke since he was five. This is vague, and possibly a generalization.
  2. This date comes from the missing persons flyer in "Real Estate".[16]
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