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Tommy Bowen
Season 3
Ability None
Occupation Detective
First Appearance The Farmer
Last Appearance Magic Hour: Part 2
Relationships Unknown
Appeared In 6 Episodes
Status Deceased (killed by Arla Cogan)
Actor Dorian Missick

Thomas Bowen was a street smart detective from Boston who comes to the town of Haven to investigate a case about a serial killer. His badge number was 879.

Coming to Haven

Tommy Bowen is introduced in the episode "The Farmer." He comes to Haven looking for clues in the murder of his trainee. The trainee turns out to have been the child and victim of Harry Nix. After the case is solved, Nathan offers Tommy a position on the Haven police force, but Tommy declines. That evening Tommy is ambushed in his hotel room by Arla Cogan (aka The Bolt Gun Killer). Arla kills Tommy and skins him to take his form. She buries the real Tommy and calls his boss in Boston, telling them that he will stay in Haven.

As the Skinwalker

The skinned Tommy participates in several cases. In November 2010, in "Magic Hour: Part 1" Nathan realizes Tommy was at the location of the murder of a Guard member. Later he looks in the trunk of Tommy's car and discovers a bolt gun. Nathan accuses him of being the Bolt Gun Killer, and he shoots Nathan multiple times, killing him. However, Nathan would later be resurrected in "Magic Hour: Part 2 ". Audrey and Duke arrive on scene and Tommy pretends to help them find Noelle to save Nathan; however, he was actually trying to find Noelle first and kill her so they could not use her Trouble to bring Nathan back and expose Tommy's secret.

When Audrey and Duke found out that Tommy was lying and was the Bolt-Gun Killer, he fled to his old hideout, where Vince and Dave were waiting for him. Tommy easily overpowered them both and tied them up, interrogating them. It was not long before Audrey and the resurrected Nathan arrived, and Tommy tried to escape on a boat, which was rigged to explode. Audrey and Nathan had assumed that Tommy died in the explosion, but he had in fact swam to safety; the Skinwalker then shed Tommy's skin for a new one.

The real Tommy Bowen's body was discovered by Rudy Lucassi weeks later, and discovered that he had been dead the entire time that "Tommy" was in Haven.



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