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Tony is a history teacher in Haven, Maine. He was unaware that he had a Trouble deep inside of him. It was brought on by depression, and caused anyone caught in the dark to be flayed alive.

Season Season 5
Ability His depression can cause darkness to flay people alive
Appearance 2 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Paul Popowich


After Duke Crocker's Trouble-Bombe exploded, Haven descended into chaos. A large portion of the town stayed in the Haven Shores Elementary School, which Tony worked at. Shortly before the Trouble-Bomb went off, Tony and his fiancee Kira Fulcher were planning on getting married in Venice, Italy. However, due to Tony being unable to deal with negative emotions, Kira broke off the engagement, and the fog shroud trapped everyone in Haven.

The darkness Trouble was activated, and it became a deadly time for the people of Haven, especially considering the power was largely not working across the city. Nathan Wuornos would lead a team consisting of Charlotte Cross, Dave Teagues, Kira, and an engineer, in order to get the power back online. However, during the mission, Nathan and Kira followed a trail of Aether and discovered the hidden stash of William. Kira was injured, and Nathan was forced to go back for help.

When he returned to the school, he lied and said Kira was dead, in order to keep the Aether Stash a secret. Tony was furious, and put Nathan on trial for everything he had done to Haven and its citizens. Tony sought the death penalty, while Audrey Parker did anything she could to stop the trial, as Nathan would surely lose. One night, Tony was visited by Croatoan, who wanted Nathan out of the way so he could pursue Audrey. He provided details of Nathan's controversial decisions in file format, and wiped Tony's memory of the encounter, so that Tony would not remember that it was Croatoan who gave him the documents.

Tony used them to try and have Nathan killed, as he was grieving for Kira. At this time, Dwight Hendrickson and Charlotte secretly went to rescue Kira, while Audrey discovered that the darkness was Tony's Trouble. She, ironically with Nathan's help, forced Tony to accept that Kira had broken off the engagement, and the darkness crisis ended. Dwight and Charlotte then returned with Kira, who exchanged a curt nod with Tony.