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Unstake My Heart

Unstake My Heart[note 1] is a vampire novel written by Nikki Wile, and published by Stewart Books Ltd.[note 2][note 3]

Both the real Audrey Parker and her memory doppelganger owned copies of Unstake My Heart.[2] When Agent Howard dispatched Parker to Haven, Maine in June of 2010, he took her copy of the book.[3] She and the real Audrey Parker later found that copy in an empty residence in Haven, after tracing a phone number Howard had used to call Police Chief Garland Wuornos. There was a note on the title page of the book reading "Happy B-day" along with the co-ordinates "44 2 65/68 785".[2][note 4]

The real Audrey Parker followed the co-ordinates to a small clearing on Kick'em Jenny Neck where she found and entered The Barn. The Barn erased her memories and she was found wandering around the woods by Duke Crocker who had taken her there.[7]


The book's title page

In 2011, a copy of the novel was found by Jennifer Mason in the attic of a house formerly owned by her birth parents.[8] The book was later revealed to be a source of unnatural energy which reacted to Jennifer's presence while in her possession. The book helped protect Mason from a Rougarou conjured by William. After Mason's and the book's encounter with the Rougarou, the book changed; the symbol of The Guard appeared glowing on the cover of the book, and message appeared on the title page, reading: The Child of Ruin must find the Heart of Haven and summon The Door. The following page showed again The Guard symbol, but instead of just glowing it also faded in and out. Only Mason could see the symbol and message; to everyone else—including Audrey—the book appeared no different than before.[9]


The following is a partial transcription of Chapter 4:[note 5]:


SERINA found it impossible to concentrate at work the next
morning. All she could think about was the fact that Manon[note 6]
was on his way here right at this moment; that soon, he would
reach Port Macquarie and call, not Felicity or Fred T---
Felicity's school's principal, but her very own self.
       Felicity, the precocious child, had informed her of these --
arrangements late last night, explaining that she'd given Nicolas
her mobile number to contact when he arrived at Port Macquarie
as everyone at the school would be tied up all day, getting the
school hall ready for the concert the following evening. Ev-
erything had to be perfect for their famous visiting judge.
       There had been no use protesting. Felicity was as stubborn
as a mule. And Nicolas, it seemed, was uncontactable at the
hour, having already boarded his plane in London for the
flight to Sydney. It hadn't occurred to Serina till she'd arrived
at work this morning that he probably had one of those fan-
dangled new phones that received emails, even on plans.
Serina had never been overly keen on technology and while
she used her computer at work and carried ------- mobile phone
with her, she didn't have a PC of her --------------- and wasn't
at all enamoured with the Internet.
       Felicity, however, like most modern ----------------- a real
computer buff and could make her way ar----------------- wide

It wasn't long before Manon found the tracks in the snow.

The animal was clearly wounded and her flashlight weaved
back and forth as it followed the unsteady path. The wind
picked up and howled through the branches, but she barely
felt the chill as her heart raced, thrilled with the excitement
of the hunt. The trees began to thicken and the path grew
more difficult to follow. She had to scurry over fallen
branches, and was getting scratched along the sides of her
lovely face. Still, she smiled, baring her teeth in the gloom.
She hadn't eaten for days and she could practically feel the
pulse of her prey's heart beating in her mouth.

There it was at last. Just a small female coyote now moving
with a piteous limping gait barely ten feet ahead of her in a
small clearing. As if sensing Manon's approach it lay on its
side, heaving breaths racking its frame. She crept up quietly
and stopped for a moment gazing down and licking her lips.
The snow was deep here and her boots sank low as she stood
quietly. In an elegant single movement she threw back her
black cloak and drew a silver dagger, swiftly bringing it
down toward the prostrate animal.

Manon's scream shook the air. Her dagger arm had been
snatched by the coyote's strong jaw and it had pulled her
down to her knees. As blood began to seep over out of her, the
animal was terrifyingly transformed into a menacing man
who continued to drive his teeth into her soft flesh Manon
collapsed to the ground and gazed at her prey now turned


  1. The book's title is a pun on the title of the 1996 Toni Braxton song "Un-Break My Heart."
  2. Stewart Books is named after Haven art designer Jennifer Stewart. Stewart Books Ltd. is also the name of an Ontario bookstore. It's last day of business was August 31st 2013.[1]
  3. According to the title page, Stewart Books Ltd. is located in Black Rock City, NV. Black Rock City is the name of a temporary encampment created in the Black Rock Desert each year for Burning Man. Rhonda, a creation of either the Barn or Mara once referenced the Burning Man festival telling Lexie, Audrey's faux inarnation, that she she "lost a chunk" of her mind at Burning Man "last year".
  4. Parker's birthdate is an issue involving some confusion. Her HPD ID lists her birthdate as 12/7/81.[4] Haven Parker celebrated her birthday before finding out that she had someone else's memories.[5] She also quit the FBI and joined the HPD before finding this out,[6] suggesting that Haven Parker's ID card has the real Audrey Parker's birthday. It is however also possible that Haven Parker had to create a new identity upon being found by the real Audrey Parker in order to stay under the FBI's radar. This could be an illusion to an actual birthdate and not just a reference to Parker discovering her true identity.
  5. These pages are first visible in "Fear and Loathing"[2] and shown more fully in "When the Bough Breaks".[10] The two pages do not seem to go together. The left page doesn't have spacing in-between paragraphs and indents paragraph beginnings while the right page has blank spaces in-between paragraphs but no indents. The story also seems to abruptly change.
  6. Manon, a diminutive of Marie is possibly from Manon Lescaut, a controversial short novel by French author Abbé Prévost, published (and banned) in 1731.


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