Haven, Maine Wiki

Other projects have taken over a lot of my time recently, so, for the moment, weekly chats have been postponed and I'm not doing a lot of editing or moderating here on the wiki. Feel free to leave me a message, but be warned that I'm not checking my messages here regularly. So if there's a problem that needs my immediate attention, try e-mailing me. You can also @ me on twitter or poke me in the channel.


I run the EarthBot, an robot that goes around fixing wiki things. Requests and bug reports should be filed here, not on the EarthBot page.


I also run the Haven twitter account @HavenWiki. I maintain lists for the producers, writers, directors, and actors, past and present. And all of those people, plus miscellaneous crew and Syfy promotional accounts can be found on our list of all official accounts. See someone I'm missing? Drop me a line to let me know.

Most Friday nights at least one person from Haven will live-tweet cool stuff during the EST run of the show. @HavenWiki retweets almost all official tweets during the PST run of the show, so if you want to tweet the show, but don't want to be spoiled, pull up our timline.


The wikia chatroom for Haven is still open, but we're experimenting with moving off-wiki and onto IRC. I own and run the #Haven channel on the Rizon network. You can join here using the webclient. Or, if you already have an IRC client, connect to irc.rizon.net using ports 6660-6670 and 7000 for standard connections or 6697/9999 for SSL connections. Then all you have to do is /join #haven.


See User:SingingEarth/Projects for the projects I'm in the middle of and the articles I'm responsible for.