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I'm Voltron The Robot King, formerly Blutbad. I am a frequent editor at The Elder Scrolls Wiki and occasional editor at the Grimm wiki. During the week, you can often find me in the elder scrolls wiki chat, where I will just sit and talk for hours. I also founded the LadyAntebellum Wiki and TheMaskedTwoProductions Wiki. I do not really hang out at either of those unless I'm working on some massive project there. You can mostly find me at the above mentioned Elder Scrolls wiki. I joined this wiki because of the massive amount of stupid errors I've noticed on pages, and the lack of pages that are in my opinion required.

My Favorite Pages[]

Couples I ship In Haven[]

  1. Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker
  2. Audrey Parker/Claire Callahan
  3. Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos
  4. Audrey Parker/Audrey Parker (real)
  5. Duke Crocker/Mara