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Vanessa Stanley
Season 1, 5
Ability Mortality Precognition
Appearance The Hand You're Dealt, Just Passing Through
Status Deceased
Actor Cynthia Preston

Vanessa Stanley (d. Sept 2010) was a guidance counselor at Haven High School, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


She possessed the psychic ability to telepathically see the last images that another person would see before dying. Using her ability, she tried to save Carlene Manning and a student, but failed to prevent their deaths, though she, Nathan Wournos, and Duke Crocker succeeded in saving another student.

Vanessa was injured attempting to rescue several dozen teenagers from the pyrokinetic rage of Matt West. She died afterwards in the arms of Duke Crocker after telling him her vision of his death.

Years later, Duke, under possession, would ironically kill Vanessa's nephew, Victor Kirby. Vanessa's vision finally came true when Duke was choked to death by Nathan Wuornos in a heroic sacrifice.


Vanessa's ability is similar to that of Cleaves Mills teacher Johnny Smith.


Season One

Season Five