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Vaughn Carpenter
Season 1
Ability None
Appearance As You Were
Status Deceased
Actor Leslie Carlson

Vaughn Carpenter (d. 12 May 1983) was the husband of Liv Carpenter, and the owner of Carpenter's Knot.


He contracted bacterial meningitis in May of 1983, and was given his final rites on May 12th. Three days later, the Haven Herald reported that Carpenter had undergone a "miraculous recovery," and Vaughn returned to Carpenter's Knot to live with his wife.

In fact, Vaughn died in May of 1983, and his life was taken over by a Chameleon . The Chameleon continued to live his life as Vaughn until the troubles returned again and he looked for help from Lucy/Audrey. He invited her and her friend's to the island for a party. There he confronted Audrey for help, but was

Vaugh Carpenter's body.

unable to get help and knocked her out and took her form.