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Vickie Dutton
Season 1, 4, 5
Ability Enchanted Artistry (Formerly)
Occupation Artist
ME Intern
First Appearance Sketchy
Last Appearance Forever
Relationships Jimmy (fiance)
Gloria Verrano (boss, friend)
Alec Dutton (father)
Appeared In 11 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Molly Dunsworth

Victoria 'Vickie' Dutton is the daughter of Alec, the fiance of Jimmy, a deckhand on the the Endorfin, and a resident of Haven, Maine. In season 4 she becomes an intern to medical examiner Gloria Verrano.

Season 1[]

She taught art classes at the Haven Community Arts Center. She possessed the ability to create sketches that can be used to affect the objects and people portrayed in them. Soon a man noticed this and took her father hostage forcing her to use her ability for his gain. The first victim was Eliot Wallace who was bent in weird angles.

Season 4[]

By mid-2011, she had taken a position as a medical examiner's intern with the Haven Police Department, working with Gloria on the death of Seth Hughes. Gloria makes an effort to keep Vickie away from paperwork.

Season 5[]

In "Speak No Evil " Mara takes Vickie out into the forests of Haven and uses her trouble to open a tear in reality to gain access to the other world but when her attempt fails, Mara tases Vickie after deciding she needs a more powerful trouble.

She was seen in Duke's vision in Perditus.

In Now, Vickie attempts to use her trouble to repair the cracked Aether core but Duke showed up and she dropped the drawing. Duke picks it up and rips it, destroying the core and Duke attempts to get her trouble.

In Forever, after the troubles are cured, she hands Nathan a picture of Audrey for him to remember her by, thanks to a suggestion from Gloria.


Vickie's ability is the same as that possessed by both Derry native Patrick Danville and Duma Key native Edgar Freemantle.


  • In the end credits, Vickie's name is spelled with or without the e.


Season 1[]

Season 4[]

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