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Victor Kirby was a citizen of Haven, Maine.

Victor Kirby
Victor Kirby.jpg
Season Season 5
Ability Mortality Precognition
Appearance 2 Episodes
Status Deceased
Actor Scott Bailey


Victor was the nephew of Vanessa Stanley, and thus shared her Trouble where he could see what other people last saw before they died; it was activated by Pete Pelak's contagion Trouble, and Victor began to panic, unable to handle it. He had himself locked into a holding cell in Haven P.D., where he was confronted by Audrey Parker and Nathan Wuornos. During this tense encounter, Victor accidentally touched Audrey, who at the time was not immune to Troubles. Victor informed her that her death would happen at the same time as her twin sister.

Victor survived for some time in the new Haven, after Duke Crocker's Trouble-Bomb exploded. He survived the darkness crisis as well, possibly by staying with most of the community in the Haven Shores Elementary School.

When Croatoan possessed Duke and forced him to hunt down and kill Troubled people for him, in order to absorb their Troubles, Victor became one of Duke's targets. Croatoan intended to manipulate Victor's Trouble into showing to his daughter, Audrey, what a wonderful future they could bring. Victor begged Duke not to kill him, but Duke stabbed him in the chest; as Victor died, he touched Duke, and bitterly reminded Duke of how he would die, right before Victor himself died.