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Wendigos is not actually an individual creature but a name for a trouble that appears in Haven.

The Wendigo is a troubled individual who needs raw meat to survive. It can be either animal or human meat, however, they have an intense craving for human meat, which helps them more. When ill, blood can restore their health and strength. Due to this affliction, Wendigos are forced to live in forests to survive, unless given a special enviroment (ie Bucther Shop) to live in. It is belived this Troubles is passed down through the family. Dave Teagues says that Wendigos are faster than a normal human and are as strong as lions. They also demonstrate a n enhanced sense of smell, particularly in regards to the scent of blood.

The first appearance was in Who, What, Where, Wendigo? when Audrey and Nathan run into the Benton sisters. Nathan had run in with two of the sisters, Frankie and Sophia. They begin to look for the middle one, Amelia who is with her boyfriend Rory Campbell. Eventually matters are settled and the sisters sent to a safe place by Dwight. The forest the Benton sister were using was once grounds for the Wendigos.