Wild Card
Haven 518
Season 5
Episode 18
Premiere date October 29, 2015
Written by Brian Millikin & Nick Parker
Directed by Lee Rose
Previous episode Enter Sandman
Next episode Perditus
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"Wild Card" is the 70th episode of Haven and the eighteenth episode of season 5.

Synopsis Edit

Audrey and Charlotte work on a new plan. Nathan and Dwight investigate a threat. The Teagues try to identify a serial killer.

Plot Edit

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Starring Edit

Cast Edit

  • Craig Wood as Old Man
  • Matthew McIntyre as Man
  • Julia Topple as Woman

Uncredited Edit

  • Unknown Actor as the voice of Croatoan


  • Gloria: Okay Bert, Ernie, I got something but I'm a doctor not a magician.
  • Croatoan: Leaving?
    Charlotte: I thought you were dead. But when I heard what was happening to people, it all started to come together.
    Croatoan: How did you know I would come for you?
    Charlotte. My tarot card, the lovers.
    Croatoan: So you're one of them now.
    Charlotte: They're good people. I'm staying here with them. Why don't you come out where I can see you?
    Croatoan: You think after all these years, after all that waiting you can goad me into a mistake?
    Charlotte: You're not strong enough, not yet.
    Croatoan: And you think that means you can stop me?
    Charlotte: I think you do.
    Croatoan: You turned the aether that you found into something. Give it to me.
    Charlotte: No it's too late. Audrey has it. My daughter Audrey.
    Croatoan: Good. I've been looking forward to meeting her.
    Charlotte: That will never happen.
  • Charlote: Audrey, the new barn, its the only way to stop him. He's furious about what we did to Mara.
    Audrey: I don't understand.
    Charlotte: I thought that Croatoan killed my husband, but I was wrong. My husband became the monster. Croatoan is Mara's father, your father. He has plans for you.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode also takes place on the same day as "Perditus".
  • This was the first episode not to film in or around Chester, Nova Scotia, but rather Halifax, Nova Scotia.[1]

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