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Wild Card
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Season 5
Episode 18
Premiere date October 29, 2015
Written by Brian Millikin & Nick Parker
Directed by Lee Rose
Previous episode Enter Sandman
Next episode Perditus
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"Wild Card" is the 70th episode of Haven and the eighteenth episode of season 5.


Audrey and Charlotte work on a new plan. Nathan and Dwight investigate a threat. The Teagues try to identify a serial killer.


Dave is having more visions. This time he thinks the woman he sees killed might still be alive.

Charlotte and Dwight are spending time together. They both have to leave since Charlotte needs to go work with Audrey on the aether and Dwight says some guy downtown is scaring people with ranting. Still, they're talking about being together forever. He'll age and she won't. That's OK. She has a thing for older men.

A man is creating a ruckus in town square. Nathan asks him about his tattoo, a VII, and he asks if his lucky number seven. However the guy is too distraught to even respond to him. He hears the horsemen of the apocalypse, but nobody else does. Nathan and Dwight both try to calm him down, telling him that he's hearing something that isn't there. However, the guy turns to run, but is knocked to the ground and trampled by invisible horses.

Audrey and Charlotte are discussing how the cure is going to work. Charlotte says she's going to build a new barn. Audrey is worried because the barn would kill all the troubled people. However, Charlotte says that the new barn will be made to cure the troubles. Unlike the last barn, it will not require Audrey to leave Haven again.

Duke and Nathan find another dead man, this time who looks as if he's been struck by lightning and fallen from a building. They discover a tattoo on this man's wrist as well. This time it's the roman number XVI. The Trouble is marking its victims with a wrist tattoo and killing them in different ways.

Duke is out with Seth looking for a man who says he can draw the darkness out of people. They run into an old man who doesn't believe, but are left a note by the gas station attendant. He tells them to meet him inside.

Nathan and Dwight walk up to Nathan's truck to see it has a flat tire. Dwight says maybe it's a trouble and Nathan says it seems more like bad luck. Nathan tries to change the flat but the bolt breaks. Again with the bad luck. Dwight suddenly feels a pain in his side and lifts his shirt to find a huge bruise. He's not sure how he got it, but he's not too worried. They talk about dating women from other worlds, with Dwight wondering if it'll work between him and Charlotte. Nathan tells him that if he's asking the question than he already knows the answer. Dwight looks down and sees he ahs a tattoo on his wrist. Nathan finds one on his too. Dwight's is XII and Nathan sees his is X.

Charlotte and Audrey have to collect the aether one drop at a time. They're both marked with a tattoo. Audrey is going blind and Charlotte feels drained. Dwight is being tortured. having random wounds pop up out of nowhere.

Duke and Seth go into guy in the garage. The guy cuts his arm and says he'll pull the darkness out. When he puts his hands on Duke, the blood turns black. Seth is amazed, but Duke looks skeptic.

Audrey can't seem to control the aether and it doesn't help that she can't see it either. Charlotte explains that Audrey's father was doing research obsessively and experimenting with forces beyond his control. Mara learned all about how to work the aether from him. He was banished to the void forever and died there.

Duke and Nathan find a fortune teller in town. The two men who died were customers of hers. The man who had the VII was affected by the Chariot card. The man with the XVI had the Tower card. There are four cards on the table and they represent what's happening to Audrey, Charlotte, Duke and Nathan. The cards are a representation of the worst interpretations. Audrey has the II of Swords which represents blindness, Charlotte has the Strength card which is weakness, Nathan has The Wheel of Fortune card, which is bad luck and Dwight has The Hanged Man which is torture.

The reading that has been laid out was one she doesn't remember doing. The no-marks killer came to her and had her pull the reading to target them.

Dwight goes to Charlotte and explains what is happening to them. He shows them the slash marks on his chest. Dwight tells about how the no-marks killer is connected to Roanoke and the word "Croatoan" was carved in a tree. He says that the warning has been carved in Haven recently as well. Charlotte looks spooked because recognizes it and explains that it isn't a warning, it's a name. She explains that Croatoan is a monster to the void like satan is to our hell. They realize Croatoan is the no-marks killer.

Duke leaves the garage and shakes the man's hand. He grabs him suddenly and pulls out a tube filled with motor oil from under the man's arm. The man asks how he knew it was a scam and Duke says he knows how he feels around Troubled blood and that guys blood isn't Troubled. Duke is pissed off, but he demands to know how the guy knows about the curses and Troubles. He says he got the story from some nutjob who said a demon couple (Mara and William) came there 500 years ago and cursed some people with some black stuff. He says the spooky story just seemed like easy money. Duke demands to know who the guy is and where he can find him. He tells Duke that Walter is up at Blue Ridge, he's always there.

Charlotte says that Croatoan shouldn't have been able to leave the void. Dwight says it doesn't matter how he did. He's there and he's killing Troubled people and leaving a black stain in their eyes. Audrey figures out that it's Aether because he's pulling Troubles out of people. Charlotte knows that the new barn will end the Troubles and send everything that has come through the void back into it including. Croatoan knows this and doesn't want to be sent back. That's why he's targeting them.

Dwight calls and asks how it's going with turning off Lainey's Trouble. Nathan thinks it's on all the time, like his and Dwights is. Dwight suddenly starts choking. Nathan tells Lainey that she needs to draw another card for Dwight. She's afraid but she does it anyway. She draws The Devil and suddenly Dwight is chained up. The chains are tightening, but he's not getting tortured anymore. Lainey says the Devil could represent bondage.

Duke and Seth find Walter Ferriday's gravestone. Duke is upset but Seth says that maybe they're looking for a different Walter Ferriday. Seth pushes the long grass aside and finds the guard tattoo on the gravestone. He doesn't know what it means but Duke get frustrated saying that it's the right guy and now he can't get any answers.

Nathan then has Lainey draw new cards for Charlotte and Audrey. Charlotte gets The Lovers, which Lainey says is a good card, because it means two people will reunite. Audrey gets The Moon, which Lainey says is kind of a wild card and could mean a lot of things, but could have something about reality fading to illusion.

Audrey and Charlotte are attempting to pull the aether together but it's not working. Audrey says that they are going about the wrong way. Audrey remembers how she controlled Heavy and Sinister. She did it because she knew if they didn't stop then she would lose Nathan. They realize the control is emotional, and in a way scientific. Audrey says they need to focus on the emotions, the fact they if they aren't able to do it means they lose the town, everyone inside of it, and each other. Holding hands, they focus on those emotions and are successfully able to control the aether and it fuses into a ball. The aether core. The first piece in the new barn.

Charlotte asks what their new cards are. When Audrey talks about her own card she explains it tentatively. However, when she tells Charlotte that she got the Lovers card and what it means, Charlotte gets nervous. Audrey asks her what's wrong but Charlotte says it's nothing.

Charlotte gives Audrey the new Aether core to hide. When Audrey leaves she kisses Dwight and tells him she wanted to stay with him when he's old and helpless. She slips something into his vest and runs away leaving Dwight all tied up.

Audrey starts to disappear because of her new card. Nathan demands that Lainey pick another card. Lainey says that they're not winning because it keeps going against them. Nathan decides to ask a new question and start a new reading. With everything we have done over the years, what fate have we earned? It's the right question. Lainey pulls the Judgment card. Nathan asks if that's bad but she explains that as long as their cause is just then they can overcome any obstacle. Audrey reappears, Dwight gets unbound. He calls Audrey to tell her that Charlotte ran off and that she slipped her ring into his vest.

Charlotte is packing up when a voice asks her if she's leaving. She says she thought he was dead. Turns out that she is speaking to her husband... also Mara's father. She says she thought he was dead. She wants him to come out of the dark and face her. He demands she give him what she made with the aether and she says it's with her daughter Audrey and he will never get it. Something grabs her in the dark.

Duke is sitting on a log in a fire pit. Seth is asleep next to him. A strange man sits down with him. Duke demands to know where Seth is, but the man ignores the question. He says he's going to Duke what he really is.

Audrey discovers Charlotte who has been beaten and left for dead. She tells Audrey she's happy she got to know her. She also explains that she thought Croatoan killed her husband, but what really happened is that her husband became the monster. He has plans for Audrey.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Craig Wood as Old Man
  • Matthew McIntyre as Man
  • Julia Topple as Woman



  • Gloria: Okay Bert, Ernie, I got something but I'm a doctor not a magician.
  • Croatoan: Leaving?
    Charlotte: I thought you were dead. But when I heard what was happening to people, it all started to come together.
    Croatoan: How did you know I would come for you?
    Charlotte. My tarot card, the lovers.
    Croatoan: So you're one of them now.
    Charlotte: They're good people. I'm staying here with them. Why don't you come out where I can see you?
    Croatoan: You think after all these years, after all that waiting you can goad me into a mistake?
    Charlotte: You're not strong enough, not yet.
    Croatoan: And you think that means you can stop me?
    Charlotte: I think you do.
    Croatoan: You turned the aether that you found into something. Give it to me.
    Charlotte: No it's too late. Audrey has it. My daughter Audrey.
    Croatoan: Good. I've been looking forward to meeting her.
    Charlotte: That will never happen.
  • Charlote: Audrey, the new barn, its the only way to stop him. He's furious about what we did to Mara.
    Audrey: I don't understand.
    Charlotte: I thought that Croatoan killed my husband, but I was wrong. My husband became the monster. Croatoan is Mara's father, your father. He has plans for you.


  • This episode also takes place on the same day as "Perditus".
  • This was the first episode not to film in or around Chester, Nova Scotia, but rather Halifax, Nova Scotia.[1]