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Will Brady
Season 3
Ability Sends everyone into a coma.
Appearance Last Goodbyes
Status Alive (in Coma)
Actor Nolan North

William Brady is the brother of Craig and Whitney Brady, a member of the North Haven Rams, and a resident of Haven, Maine.


He was dating Erin, a girl who was a victim of the Bolt-Gun Killer, and on the night he was going to confess his feelings for her, they were attacked. Will watched her get grabbed and killed by the Bolt-Gun Killer after he was hit on the head. He later went into a coma for two months. During his coma, though, he was still hearing everything that was said around him, and when he overheard his siblings planning to take him off of life support, his Trouble kicked in, putting everyone else into a coma and waking himself up with amnesia.

He met Audrey Parker, who initially suspected him of being the Bolt-Gun Killer, but gradually Will's memory returned, and they deduced that the only way to wake everyone else up was for Will to go back into his coma.

Once back in his coma and everyone had woken up, Audrey informed Will's siblings that he is still alive, and upon proving it, they chose not to pull his life support.


He is played by Nolan North, who voiced Nathan Drake in Uncharted; and Audrey Parker is played by Emily Rose, who plays Elena in Uncharted