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This is the Season 4 episode "William". For the titular character of this episode, see William (stranger). For other people with the same first name, see William
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Season 4
Episode 9
Premiere date November 8, 2013
Written by Shernold Edwards
Directed by Grant Harvey
Previous episode Crush
Next episode The Trouble With Troubles
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William is the 48th episode of Haven and the ninth episode of the fourth season, scheduled to air on 8 November 2013 on Syfy.


Audrey believes the thugs from the barn are holding William as a hostage.


The big thug from The Barn entered the apartment and attacked Audrey and Nathan. She fired at him but missed. The thug escapes out the window and she goes after him. Duke and the others enter and Nathan assures that they are all right. Vince hears Nathan say that "Audrey" went after their attacker and finally realizes that Audrey is herself, not Lexie. Nathan promises that he will keep his promise and make Audrey kill him, but Vince tells him not to.

Meanwhile, Dwight is taking out his trash when the small thug from The Barn sneaks up on him and hits him in the head with a baseball bat.

Audrey returns and says she lost track of the big thug, and points out he was one of the men who attacked William and herself in The Barn. Vince shows everybody composite sketches of the men who mugged Carrie Benson, and Audrey confirms that they are the same men. Dave figures that they were the evil force that escaped when the door to The Barn was opened. They tell Audrey and Nathan about the journal they found, and figure that it means Audrey killing Nathan will not end The Troubles but instead make them worse. Vince thanks Nathan, saying their deception may have saved them all.

The thugs take Dwight to an abandoned building and tie him to a chair. The small thug demands to know where his box is. Of course, Dwight has no idea. The small thug sadistically digs the baseball bat into the bullet wound he got in "Lay Me Down", causing it to open up and bleed again. Suddenly, Dwight floors him with a headbutt, tears the chair apart with brute force, then takes the big thug down with a running tackle, aka The Spear (an allusion to Dwight's actor, Edge). The small thug recovers and pulls a gun on Dwight, forcing him to surrender. However, he managed to reach his phone and speed dial Nathan. The big thug gets up and angrily tries to attack Dwight, but the small thug tells his comrade to cool off. They tie him to another chair.

Nathan gets the call and the group listens to Dwight and his captors talking. Audrey and Jennifer recognize the voice of the small thug. Dwight tries to ask them what the box looks like and what is in it, but they refuse to answer. Dwight starts talking about nice places to hide a box. Duke realizes he is giving them clues to their location and figures out where they are.

Dwight's phone makes a noise and the small thug figures out Dwight's plan. He angrily stomps the phone to pieces and tells his partner he has permission to kill him now. Fortunately, Nathan and Audrey burst in and pull guns on them. The thugs put their hands up and surrender. Dwight nervously reminds them of his Trouble to attract bullets, but Nathan says they are armed with rubber bullets. They won't trigger Dwight's Trouble, but getting shot with one will still hurt like Hell. They hear a noise and check the closet to find a man tied to a chair with a bag over his head. Audrey removes the bag and is shocked to find he is William.

They take William back to the police station, but find that he seems to have total amnesia. Audrey figures that The Barn erased his memories, the same way it erased hers in the past. She assures him that they are friends, and they will figure it out.

Dwight thanks Duke for figuring out where he was. He then goes to the interrogation room and tries to question the small thug, but the man just keeps sneering and taunting him. Dwight eventually grabs him by the throat and demands answers, but the man chuckles and says while he wastes his time trying to question him, a killer is on the loose.

Audrey and Nathan take William's fingerprints and try to ID him. William says that his captors kept asking him about a box, but he couldn't tell them because he can't remember anything. Nathan says he will bluff and tell the small thug that they have the box in hope of him giving something away. After Nathan leaves, Audrey tells William she believes he is Agent Howard's replacement. When he gets confused, she gives him a brief rundown of The Troubles and The Barn.

Dwight frantically looks through the files on missing and murdered citizens (all the people Wade murdered), looking progressively unhinged. He finds that the knife used to kill Sonia Weston is missing. He steps out of his office and sees Duke and Jennifer sitting, but hallucinates Duke holding the knife and smirking. Disturbed, Dwight leaves. Duke tells Jennifer that, because of her connection to The Barn, she may be able to get something out of the thugs.

The couple go to the big thug's cell and try to question him, but he reaches through the bars and grabs Jennifer by the throat. Duke angrily knocks him back and swears to kill him if he tries that again. The man laughs and asks Jennifer if she knows what Duke truly wants from her. Duke tries to reassure her, but she hallucinates that he said he's going to put her in the psych ward.

The small thug doesn't fall for Nathan's bluff, saying if he truly had the box, he would have opened it, and then everything in Haven would be destroyed, especially Audrey. Enraged, Nathan grabs him by the hair and slams his head into the table. The thug laughs and a small, black bead flies out of his mouth and into Nathan's ear without him noticing. The thug says he should be worrying about what Audrey and William are doing alone, and Nathan immediately runs out of the interrogation room.

Dwight breaks into Duke's boat and searches through it.

Duke gives Jennifer some coffee, but she hallucinates him saying how hot Audrey is. She angrily accuses him of two-timing her, and he is understandably confused. She accuses him of only sleeping with her to use her ability for his own benefit. Duke gets a phone call from a guy at the docks who saw Dwight breaking into his boat, and he quickly leaves.

William asks Audrey for some money to use the vending machine. Nathan walks in and hallucinates the two making out on the desk. Enraged, he knocks William away and tells him to stay away from his girlfriend. He accuses Audrey of cheating on him and she slaps him. He storms away. She tells William that Nathan must be affected by a Trouble. Officer Stan walks in and says Gloria wants to see her asap.

Audrey and William go to the morgue. Gloria asks where Nathan is and Audrey says he's gone crazy. Gloria says the four dead bodies in there have also gone crazy. For example, one of them attacked Ollie Banks, accusing him of having an affair with his wife, forcing Ollie to kill him in self-defense. This is in spite of the fact that Ollie is gay and has been out of the closet for years. Gloria has extracted a black bead from each of the bodies' brains and figures it is the cause or symptom of the paranoia. Audrey worries that one of those beads is in Nathan's brain.

Duke gets on his boat and runs into Dwight, who found Wade's knife. Dwight accuses him of being the murderer. Duke says he kept the knife to remember and punish himself. He insists he wasn't the killer and says he will show him who was.

Audrey figures that the two thugs made the beads. She wonders why William wasn't afflicted even though he was in their custody for a while. He suggests they question them.

Duke leads Dwight to where he buried Wade and draws a knife. Dwight draws his taser, but Duke uses it to dig up a large stone that he carved Wade's name into, as a grave marker. He explains that Wade was the killer, but Dwight hallucinates him saying he wanted to help his brother with his murder spree. He angrily orders Duke to dig the body up to prove it is really Wade and not Jordan or another victim. When Duke refuses, Dwight shoots him with the taser.

Nathan sadly fondles a photo of Audrey from back when she was blonde. Jennifer walks in and they hallucinate the other taunting them. He threatens her with his gun, but she dares him to kill himself, since he's useless. He says he has a better idea: kill William.

Audrey interrogates the small thug, but like before, he just keeps sneering and taunting her. William enters the interrogation room and attacks the man, but she drags him out. He apologizes and says he wishes he had his memories. She tries to take his hand, but a visible spark of electricity passes between them. Curious, she does it again. William says bits and pieces of his memory seem to be coming back. He says he was in The Barn and grabbed the box. As The Barn was destroyed, he jumped through the door to Haven and landed on a hill that Audrey deduces as Haven Lookout. The two thugs arrived and captured him, but the box was gone. The small thug reveals he could hear them and says now they know where the box is. Officer Stan runs up and says the big thug has disappeared from his cell.

Dwight drags Duke into the station and handcuffs him to a table. Audrey and William show up and realize that Dwight is under the influence of the beads. Nathan and Jennifer come in and soon a Mexican Standoff happens. Audrey tries to calm them down, but realizes it is hopeless and orders the station to evacuate, claiming there is a gas leak. Dwight shoots Nathan with the taser and knocks him out. William frees Duke from the handcuffs, then Duke knocks Dwight down and cuffs him to the table. Duke guards the three while Audrey and William try to get to the box before the big thug does.

Audrey and William arrive at Haven Lookout and William retrieves a small box from within a tree stump. She says now it's time to return to the station, but he says he wants to enjoy the sunset for a while. She asks what he is doing, and he says he has been waiting an eternity to feel the spark between them again. He reveals that he never had amnesia in the first place and claims this hill was their favorite spot. She asks what is in the box, and he says she can open it. She hesitatingly does, and finds a beautiful orchid inside. He says it was her favorite and tries to touch her. She pulls away, and the orchid turns into a cluster of black beads. The big thug walks up and William says the thugs have been working for him the whole time. He takes the box from her and hands it to the thug.

The beads come out of Dwight, Nathan, and Jennifer's ears and fly off. The three go back to normal. Jennifer apologizes to Duke, but he says she can make up for it later. They check the interrogation room and find the small thug is gone.

The three beads fly up and join the others in the box.

Dwight says he knows the truth now, and he won't arrest Duke for killing his brother, as it was for the greater good. Duke says with regret that maybe, if he had told Wade about The Troubles from the beginning, he would have been able to stop him from becoming a killer. He adds that even though he lost his Trouble, he still doesn't feel free.

William says that Audrey's friends and everyone else in Haven are inferior, because they couldn't tell that they were hallucinating and destroyed themselves over nothing, and he can't understand why she helps people when they are so weak and stupid. He crushes one of the beads into powder and covers his palm with it, and a horrified Audrey deduces that he was the one leaving hand prints on people that changed their Troubles. He rolls the powder up and it reverts to a bead. He claims he and the original woman Audrey used to be were lovers. When The Barn was destroyed, he was sure that the original her would return, but instead Audrey Parker did. He declares that he will keep hurting people until he gets the original her back, because he loves her and she loved him in return. His voice turning demonic, he says the original her belonged to him and grabs her face. She is shocked by a massive jolt.

Audrey is woken up by Nathan, who says he found her on the hill alone. She grabs him and cries.



Guest Starring[]



  • Duke: Wow, cleaner to chief to cat burglar. It's been a big year for you.
  • Duke: Is anyone else seeing this? I'm being arrested, and for once I really didn't do anything.
  • Nathan: I thought the people you knew in the barn weren't real.
    Jennifer: Except the guy that helped you William he was real.
    Audrey: So apparently these guys are too.
    Dave: Yeah, and now they're here. When we helped Audrey escape the barn, we tore a hole in the softspot between worlds, let them out.
    Vince: They'd been running amok in Haven. Turning curses into contagion, afflicting the non-troubled.
    Nathan: Which is why you need to let Audrey and I finish.
    Vince: No everything's different now.
    Dave: We found the local Mi'kmaq tribal legend. It says once the softspot is torn open, "What was once our salvation is now our doom."
    Vince: Audrey killing you now will only bring destruction to Haven.
    Duke: That is unless the horseshoe crab with human eyes evil and agony don't get us first. It's a fun read.
  • Gloria: Okay so I don't want to mix this up with my lunch I'm gonna take it to the lab but if you know anyone with this stuff dancing around their brains, strap them down. I don't want anymore customers today.
  • Dwight: [points tazer at Duke] Get away from Duke. He's just been waiting for a chance to kill us okay. I got enough juice in this thing to finally give you the execution you deserved ok.
    Jennifer: No leave Duke alone. Everything that's happened is Audrey's fault.
    Audrey: What?
    Nathan: Hey I'm the true chief in this town. You don't do anything without my say so.


  1. Credited as a special guest star.
  • This episode takes place on the same day as "Crush".